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A 5 day long Christmas holiday was amazing. A real winter vacation I’d say with plenty of time to spend with my family and friends, as well as stuff my belly with all the delicious food and wine. But sometime … Continue reading

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I’ve adopted a habit of taking a walk during my lunch break, both to flex some muscles and to clear my mind. This Friday’s not an exception, only instead of an uneventful walk by the river while finalizing some Easter … Continue reading

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Step 1 and New beginnings

So here’s a short follow up on my plans for the future – step 1 or project ‘new job’ is now fully in motion. Houston, I have a job. It’s a bit too early to tell, if this is really … Continue reading

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Under the magnifying glass

For starters an old joke: Consul : What is your name? Arab : Abdul Aziz Consul: Sex? Arab : Six to ten times a week Consul: I mean, male or female? Arab : Both M ale and female sometimes camels … Continue reading

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I come undone

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m out of here. I’ve already referred in my previous blog entry that my current job is like a life in Hell-mouth straight out of ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’ TV show, but soon all … Continue reading

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The Final Straw

Since the company I’ve happily and proudly worked for the last couple of years is no more on the map, anticipating this unhappy event I’ve been looking for another position since like the New Year. In April I’d thought I’ve … Continue reading

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Small obsessions

Spring. Finally. Hey, the spring is finally here! Snow is rapidly melting and temperatures are rising. The increasing spots of snow free ground, though still mostly of just slushy mud, makes me a strong believer in a soon to come … Continue reading

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