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A pie connection

There was never any lack of fresh eggs, veggies or just jars with various canned/dried goods in our home when I was a kid. How could there be?! Both pairs of grandparents kept not so small farms after all, so … Continue reading

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August blues

It’s August already and even though tropical heat is still full on (well, at the very least until the end of the week), I can’t shake off a feeling that autumn is already sneaking up on me. Somehow when summer … Continue reading

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Dear me

Ah, summer is in a full swing right now, and with temperature rising up to 30+ I enjoy every moment of it. Well, I’d like it even more, if I had any vacation days to lazily spend by a lake … Continue reading

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Is the Universe trying to tell me something?

While this pleasantly (Yes! Finally!) hot weather lasts I thoroughly enjoy having almost every lunch sitting on some lawn, bench or on a river bank’s ‘chair’ in a pleasant spot with some shade. A quick bite, a bottle of water … Continue reading

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Friday and 10 year reunion

A summer is right on schedule, and while it makes me sweat quite un-lady-like in the office during a work day, it makes up for that in letting me enjoy these warm and long evenings. I’ve already started to contemplate … Continue reading

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It’s getting scary

Remember, a while ago I’ve wrote about fire I’ve witnessed? Well, somehow I seem to witness way too much catastrophes of any sort recently. I’d better be watching some bunnies jumping or picking some wild flowers, as I used to … Continue reading

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Huntress on the move

No, don’t ya worry, even though I’m back to the whole forestry business, I’m not into hunting yet, and hopefully will never be. Nonetheless  everyday life presents plenty of opportunities to flex one’s hunting muscle and eye. Only nowadays, if … Continue reading

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