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Field of Forget Me Nots

I remember. I was just a kiddo, when history was happening all around me. As a second grader I’ve witnessed Lithuania declare it’s independence and its subsequent struggle to maintain this freedom as a Soviet monster wasn’t yet ready to … Continue reading

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August colors

We’ve spent the last weekend in our country house. Must say that these days I quite enjoy spending a weekend or two per whole summer there. But when I was a kid and a teenager, I wholeheartedly hated that place, … Continue reading

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Just kill ’em all

No no don’t worry I’m not on some killing rampage or completely out of my mind, but there is some killing involved in my activities on almost daily basis. But I’ll get back to it a little bit later. First … Continue reading

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Where are leaves?

As we were having a coffee break at work with some celebratory cake – after all winter is over and spring is here, a  colleague shared this little story of her daughter with us: A girl of some 3 years … Continue reading

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The prettiest of ’em all

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of ’em all? When I was a kid, for almost all special occasions I was made to wear this hideous pom-pom style ribbon pinned firmly to my hair. I hated the look … Continue reading

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Re-post. Don’t get lost

Don’t get lost. On a recent leisure’s stroll through the forest I’ve noticed these trees with arrows painted on them, and they reminded me of an exciting hide and seek game from my childhood. Arrows. Back in time we used … Continue reading

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Re-post. A moment of transition

I had this thought today observing kids in a playground just outside my window. Have you ever noticed that small kids are rather running than walking the ground? It’s like they do have some invisible wings which send them flying. … Continue reading

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