There’s a small cemetery just right outside the village.DSC01570

It’s just like many other in the Lithuanian countryside – situated on a small hill, with plenty of shadows cast by trees, and with an ancient looking mossy stone wall around it.DSC01571

And just as the village itself, the cemetery dates back to the early 1900s and late 1800s. The higher ground to the left off of the cemetery gate is the ‘old’ part of the cemetery, and that to the right is the ‘new’ one, though in times it’s hard to tell the difference as some of the newer burials are in the ‘old’ part so that at least in death family members are once again together. There’s usually a spooky feeling to the old cemeteries, and as people go in through the gates of any cemetery they hush their voices as if not to disturb those at peace. Yet I’ve known this place for all of my life, and at some point in my childhood it has even made some sort of a spooky playground where I’ve spent time wondering as a child who was who, and imagining whom and how big was the ‘grieving family’ often mentioned on the tombstones, and thus for me the spookiness of the place is long gone, and just calm and quiet feel to the place prevails. Continue reading

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Kiss kiss bang bang

First, let me begin with telling you, that I’ve been born with one ‘lazy’ eye, and the fact that I refused to wear any kind of eyeglasses as a kid did not help at all for my ‘good’ one. Later, when I got more aware of the fact that my eyesight isn’t getting any better, and when I learned not to pay attention to those pricks who’d call me names just because I’m a ‘four eyed’, I did start to wear glasses. Yet somehow glasses or no glasses, I often end up in some… situations just because I do not pay attention to my surroundings, or just plainly do not see/recognize something/some one or something like that.

So the other day I’ve made plans to meet with a friend for a quick lunch and I was already happily on my way to our meeting point, when she called to cancel. So instead of ending up in a pre-agreed cafe, I ducked into the nearest one for a bite, and then decided to do some window shopping for the rest of my break. In the end, I ended up in a H&M store and was happily browsing through their stock with a ‘gee, who could EVER wear THAT’ or an occasional ‘hm, nearly there’ remarks under my nose. I’ve cast a sideways glace to check on my surroundings while moving along the rack – and Yes! there were more rackswith ’em stuff to go through ahead of me. So I just kept my glance to the current one and kept on going, while BANG! I literary crashed into the mirror wall, which just moments before I’ve mistaken for more of the freaking shopping space. With my forehead aching, I looked around, properly this time, to see whether there were many witnesses around of me losing some my ‘dignity’. Ah! There there none but the ever watching eye of the security camera and probably some security guy laughing out loud.

Hate those mirror walls, they’re so deceptive. Be it the first time, I just could let it slide, yet some how there is always one for me to crash in for a kiss kiss bang bang here and there eyeglasses or no eyeglasses. So I just wonder, whether it’s just me and my poor eyesight, or other people get confused by these mirror walls too?mirror

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A pie express

Quite unexpectedly today I’ve got a day off. Originally I was supposed to show up at work after lunch, so was only planning on getting some extra hours of sleep, but then my boss called in to tell I could just stay at home for today. Hurray!

But what do you do when you have no plans for the day and it is raining outside? Why! You make a pie to cheer the day.

I don’t have a proper recipe for this particular pie, but it is so easy and quick to make that you actually do not need one. So all you need is three eggs (or two, if you use bigger ones), an almost full glass of vegetable oil (or same amount of melted butter), two to three glasses of all purpose flour (might need some extra), one glass of sugar, some cinnamon, pinch of salt, a tea spoon of baking powder, and plentiful of marrow gratings (carrots, zucchini or the mix of them does the trick too)  – t be more exact that should be like two full cups of gratings or more. And a spoonful of cacao powder, which is completely optional for a marrow/zucchini pie and even unnecessary if you’re making a variety of this pie with carrots. Continue reading

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A pie connection

There was never any lack of fresh eggs, veggies or just jars with various canned/dried goods in our home when I was a kid. How could there be?! Both pairs of grandparents kept not so small farms after all, so come autumn our basement storage room would be bulging with jars upon jars, layers upon layers of vegetables, boxes on boxes of apples and pears. Well, you probably get the picture. Actually, there was so much of everything for just the four of us to consume, that my mom was always giving some of the goodies away to anyone willing. And some who weren’t all that keen to receive such a package… well, they’d get it anyway.

Cooler autumn temperatures would also mark the beginning of pie season in our home. Every Sunday my mom would make us some pie. Apple pie, blackberry pie, carrot pie, you name it. And she’d bake them pies in such quantities that we’d struggle to consume them. Except for an apple pie that is- I could wolf down apple pie all on my own and ask for seconds any time, and then in no time come back for more. I still do! And almost every school Monday was a pie Monday – if it wasn’t apple pie, I’d bring it to school and generously share it with other kids just to make sure those other kind of pies would be finally gone, and I could ask for my mom to make an apple pie 😉


His Royal Highness – Apple pie. Mind, I DO NOT SHARE apple pie

Nowadays, when I actually have to shop for most if not all pie ingredients, pie Sundays does not happen so often. Yet any given day might be an apple pie day! And while my calendar insists it’s still summer outside, I say it’s time to declare pie season open. DSC01468

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To and Fro: A Three Day Trip: Days 2 and 3

This gallery contains 51 photos.

After a night in the worst campsite I’ve been to ever we were in a hurry to leave. So we gulped our sandwiches as fast we could, packed our drenched tents, and off we went in search of some coffee, … Continue reading

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To and Fro: A Three Day Trip: Day One

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So after a long and careful planning a time to go to Lithuania’s Žemaitija region and a bit of Latvian seaside finally has dawned. Come Friday morning we were up and ready for a three day car trip adventure (an … Continue reading

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August colors

We’ve spent the last weekend in our country house. Must say that these days I quite enjoy spending a weekend or two per whole summer there. But when I was a kid and a teenager, I wholeheartedly hated that place, that’s how boring a little village with no other kids to spend time with but my brother and a cousin could be. And a period of 2 to 3 months – that’s like a lifetime!- spent over there was a shear torture. Every time I’d come back to town and to civilization after a summer exile, I was almost crying at the mere sight of water running from a tap, decent toilet instead of a ‘little wooden house with a heart shaped hole’, and a prospect of several stores being just minutes away as opposed to the one and only store some 5 km away (+5 km back obv). Not to mention all the work we were asked to do while staying with grandparent. Coming home was so great a pleasure 🙂

Nowadays there’s just an empty house over there, to which we go just a couple times per summer for a relaxing weekend by the lake, with grilled meat, and nothing else to do but enjoy ourselves and surroundings. Say, neighbor’s hissing and rather angry geese 😛

You talking to me?

You talking to me?

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