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When you watch BoRap and hop on a Queen roller coaster

A recent experience of watching Bohemian Rapsody on a big screen sent me on a real roller coaster ride both through memory lanes, and through the greatness of what was (still is) Queen. Ah, that promise of We Will Rock … Continue reading

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One step forward

I have been keeping a rather long radio silence since my last entry. But somehow for quite a long period each time I’d start writing an entry it would end unpublished as a draft or would be scrapped right away. … Continue reading

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Oh, Deer! Evacuation

You’re probably familiar with a popular superstition that a black cat crossing your path brings you bad luck? Well, but what if it’s a deer we’re talking about? ONE. I was out and about for my jogging (aka trotting) session … Continue reading

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Field of Forget Me Nots

I remember. I was just a kiddo, when history was happening all around me. As a second grader I’ve witnessed Lithuania declare it’s independence and its subsequent struggle to maintain this freedom as a Soviet monster wasn’t yet ready to … Continue reading

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A 5 day long Christmas holiday was amazing. A real winter vacation I’d say with plenty of time to spend with my family and friends, as well as stuff my belly with all the delicious food and wine. But sometime … Continue reading

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To the rescue!

Yesterday as a heavily guarded convoy of trucks loaded with euros was making it’s way through the city’s main arteries the traffic has been completely stopped to let the convoy pass and thus causing a traffic jam worse than it … Continue reading

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Autumn is all about mushroom picking for the majority of Lithuanian population who can walk or crawl on their own to the nearest woods. Then a hunt for boletus, honey fungi, Saffron milk caps and other edible ‘shroom begin.

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