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One step forward

I have been keeping a rather long radio silence since my last entry. But somehow for quite a long period each time I’d start writing an entry it would end unpublished as a draft or would be scrapped right away. … Continue reading

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A pie connection

There was never any lack of fresh eggs, veggies or just jars with various canned/dried goods in our home when I was a kid. How could there be?! Both pairs of grandparents kept not so small farms after all, so … Continue reading

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August blues

It’s August already and even though tropical heat is still full on (well, at the very least until the end of the week), I can’t shake off a feeling that autumn is already sneaking up on me. Somehow when summer … Continue reading

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May I Party

My new job ain’t so new anymore, since it’s been already what like 2 months. Still happy with my decision about my job, and still looking forward to the phase 2 of my grand plan. But that’s June for you, … Continue reading

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On the other side

A nice short French movie on how it would be if men and women switched their respective roles in the society, and if men suddenly were the weaker gender. Sometimes over the top, but otherwise quite spot on

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Under the magnifying glass

For starters an old joke: Consul : What is your name? Arab : Abdul Aziz Consul: Sex? Arab : Six to ten times a week Consul: I mean, male or female? Arab : Both M ale and female sometimes camels … Continue reading

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Summer time

Since on last Saturday summer has officially started, I could not waste a minute of the perfect weather and opened my swimming season. Ah, good thing that so close to my home there is a lake which I can be … Continue reading

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