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Everything is for the best

Well, I sure hope that it is. After a give or take half a year at home and with no other income but unemployment allowance and some of my own saving, I’m more than eager to do anything, but get … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s roller coaster

My kind of a roller coaster day: * start a day with some unsettling news at work (as if we’d heard anything good of lately) * finally sell that trouser’s I’ve bought on-line a while ago which did not fit … Continue reading

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Small obsessions

Spring. Finally. Hey, the spring is finally here! Snow is rapidly melting and temperatures are rising. The increasing spots of snow free ground, though still mostly of just slushy mud, makes me a strong believer in a soon to come … Continue reading

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Happy Easter Mr Snowman

A 3 day long Easter holiday brought me some warm moments with my family and friends, but also showered with so much snow that I’ve joked it’s more of a Chreaster time than Easter. A huge army of snowmen rolled … Continue reading

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Flower pot craze or meet my own boss from hell

My first encounter with a boss from hell was in 2006, when I started my work at SEM as an office manager.  At that time SEM was just a small unit of a really huge international corporation operating in Lithuania … Continue reading

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And we go down

So the stalling period is over now, and we are all literary setting sails to… well, someplace, some other future. After like more than month of hesitation our new sole shareholder finally showed up and we got to meet his … Continue reading

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Up in the air

If life’s a bitch and you suddenly find yourself hanging up in the air, it’s best to think there is some fun in flying, than just to bitch about the fall.

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