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Oh, Deer! Evacuation

You’re probably familiar with a popular superstition that a black cat crossing your path brings you bad luck? Well, but what if it’s a deer we’re talking about? ONE. I was out and about for my jogging (aka trotting) session … Continue reading

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Kiss kiss bang bang

First, let me begin with telling you, that I’ve been born with one ‘lazy’ eye, and the fact that I refused to wear any kind of eyeglasses as a kid did not help at all for my ‘good’ one. Later, … Continue reading

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Is the Universe trying to tell me something?

While this pleasantly (Yes! Finally!) hot weather lasts I thoroughly enjoy having almost every lunch sitting on some lawn, bench or on a river bank’s ‘chair’ in a pleasant spot with some shade. A quick bite, a bottle of water … Continue reading

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Step where I step

A shop moved out. The other is about to move in. Meanwhile renovations downstairs are in full swing, and it shows – the whole hall of our office floor is covered in step marks. One can easily play a game … Continue reading

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That’s the spirit

After horrible experiences during lunch break yesterday, today’s shaped up pretty awesome. So thanks for all the best wishes, seems they’ve worked out for me 🙂 YAY! So come lunch break I once again rented me a city bike. Only … Continue reading

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Friday scraps

It’s Friday. Lunch time, and it’s raining outside, and I’m forced to skip on my now daily routine of taking a city bike and going for a short ride after I’ve had my lunch. So instead I’m typing this note … Continue reading

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Weekend is just around the corner

The weekend is fast approaching 🙂 Enjoy your weekend, and to kick it off I’m sharing this joke: Near future. ‘Hi, is this the police?’ ‘Yes. What is your emergency?’ ‘I would like to report a missing person.’ ‘Are you … Continue reading

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