Huntress on the move

No, don’t ya worry, even though I’m back to the whole forestry business, I’m not into hunting yet, and hopefully will never be. Nonetheless  everyday life presents plenty of opportunities to flex one’s hunting muscle and eye. Only nowadays, if you’re not a farmer and all DIY personality, hunting is all about shopping. While a lot if not most of my female friends enjoy shopping and the whole shopping mall experiences, I hate them. If I’m lucky, this torture does not last long, and I find what I’m looking for in no time at all. Then I’m all smiles and cheery having ‘killed my hog’, but if after visiting a couple of bigger malls it’s still about ‘nay, nay, not this, not that’, it gets frustrating. Thank gods that these days if traditional stores can’t provide you your perfect prize, one can always turn to shopping on-line.

These past three weeks were about finding myself a pair of sandals for the summer. While there’s plenty of shoe stores somehow visiting them left me dispirited and empty-handed. Fashionable and trendy shoes are good, but if gladiator style sandals are ‘the thing’ this season, does it mean all of them should be your only option? And it really felt like this spring all of the shops work against me and had stocked only gladiator, wedge,super  strappy or high heels varieties only, with the only alternative being some walking/sports sandals which I don’t need as I already got a pair of those. Where are all the sensible low heel, with plenty of leather and not just a thin strap and real comfortable shoes, which goes well with either skirt or pants gone? Weeeeellll… I did find some of them matching my requirements, and for a short moment even was about to do a small dance with a ‘ta-dah! I’ve got you’ routine, but upon checking the price tag all of these went back where I’ve got them. I was shoe shopping after all, and not trying to by myself a new piece of furniture or something.

You call these shoes? Me don't

You call these shoes? Me don’t

Next it was time to check on-line. Ah! So much easier and less stressful. And even though I do not like buying shoes on-line (I mostly buy clothing on-line, on the other hand), I’ve spotted these:

My 'kill'

My ‘kill’

Click, another click, and I was done like in no time at all and all set to wait until they arrive. Fast forward a little and here it is – a box with my sandals. Yay! They’re awesome. Looks great, weigh like nothing, must try them on, and… damn, they’re not so perfect after all. For a ‘fully adjustable’ shoes they’re not all that adjustable after-all asthe ankle straps are just too short and barely closes. Hm, what’s their return policy? Nah, that would be too costly. Exchange for a size-up? but what if the bigger size has the same problem? Maybe try and re-sell them locally? Nah, let’s check if the problem could be fixed. Luckily it could, so with minimal additional expenses (like 15 litas in total) and after three weeks of hunting, I now have a pair of sandals for the summer, and even the sharpest eye could not notice that they were repaired in any way. So hurray on the happy hunt!!! 😀

…unfortunately, while I was hunting for this pair of shoes, my closed toe sandals decided to die on me, so there’s yet another hunt ahead of me. Hell and damnation 😦

About somewonderland

While sometimes world may seem grey, in twilight's grey all the colors are hidden. Learning to find those colors is like making a collage from many and many scraps - it may seem hard, pieces might not fit at the first glance, but that scraps come together in the end. If you enjoy what you find, don't be shy.
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2 Responses to Huntress on the move

  1. June says:

    I also hate clothes shopping and shoe shopping. I can never find what I like and it’s just exhausting. After about 30 minutes I find myself gravitating towards food or kitchen supplies shops. Delighted you found what you were looking for in the end!


    • And they say women are all into shopping. Seems like we are, but only for things we like and CAN find with no stress.
      Must say, though, that the greatest shopping stress for me was last year, when I’ve received bookstore gift card from my friends for my birthday. I read a lot, and I buy books in loads. So I got this gift card, came to that bookstore and spent like tow hours looking for a book I’d buy, but every time I’d pick a book, thinking ‘I haven’t read this one yet’, I’d check it’s original title and would find out that nah, I’ve already read/bought this one and I was only being mislead by its Lithuanian translation into thinking that’s something new. Thank god I’ve eventually managed to find something I haven’t read yet and could get out of there. And before ebay, Amazon, etc. I like LOVED going to bookshops 🙂


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