Friday scraps

Picture 048It’s Friday. Lunch time, and it’s raining outside, and I’m forced to skip on my now daily routine of taking a city bike and going for a short ride after I’ve had my lunch. So instead I’m typing this note here. Lucky you for reading this 🙂

Keeping a promise. A couple of weeks ago I enjoyed a lovely day in Kaunas. After almost a month of heavy e-mailing, we somehow managed to fix a date for our first time in Kaunas get together of former colleagues, and kept a promise to come to Kaunas after a series of meets in Vilnius. The best part about this trip was that neither of us going from Vilnius were driving since we took a train ride, so after a nice walk around the city center beer just could keep on coming 🙂 And though taking a train ain’t all that cheap at all, I personally really liked the trip and the fact that I didn’t have to drive those horribly potholed Kaunas’ streets 😀 Yay! And since we were met at the train station by our Kaunas’ colleagues, for the first time in my experience with Kaunas, I did not get lost once. So a total win-win situation here, since every time I’m in Kaunas and driving I’m praying to all gods and saints to come back with my car still in one piece and up and running, and I every time get lost so bad that no maps or GPS can help me with that. Just as if Kaunas is my personal Bermuda triangle 😉

Sorry, no pictures from this trip though – I took my camera with me, but haven’t checked if it was charged, so when I tried to take a picture the cam just died on me. But there might be some, if my plans of going to Kaunas this summer for a day or two come to life. So keep tuned in.

Punk’s not dead. Or are they? The other Saturday a friend invited me to join him for some underground punk/punk rock or whatever that was supposed to be concert. And since deep in my heart I’m a sucker for punk/rock/metal/gothic/[insert any other style but rap] concerts, I gladly agreed to come, embracing a punk inside me. After a warm-up in some pub, we walked to a place where this gig was supposed to be going on and in full swing by the time we came round… only to find that the place was quite literary deserted, no concert – as I wouldn’t call THAT a concert, and only like three-six teens lounging over there. Huh, are punks dead or what? When I was a teen, underground concerts were so much better and so much better attended with lots of loud music and all. Somehow when the last year we’ve went to a goth concert, even though it was poorly advertised and all, it was a really enjoyable experience which could not be ruined by the fact that the place the concert was taking place had no heating – like no heating in March, last year, when we still had some snow as late as mid-April 😉

Want to pet me? The other day, just after a nice bike ride on my lunch break, I stopped at this small park to catch my breath, and to have a fag/shag or some sweets in a shade of a nice tree on a park bench. Just right after I plopped on the bench, a dove came and landed inches from me on the very same bench I sat on looking for a treat. Since, quite unfortunately, I had none on me and could not offer him anything, he took the matters into his own hands or wings and have flown to sit right onto my lap billing and cooing expectantly and quite demanding. Want a pet bird? I know where to find one 🙂

About somewonderland

While sometimes world may seem grey, in twilight's grey all the colors are hidden. Learning to find those colors is like making a collage from many and many scraps - it may seem hard, pieces might not fit at the first glance, but that scraps come together in the end. If you enjoy what you find, don't be shy.
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6 Responses to Friday scraps

  1. Expat Eye says:

    Ha ha! Thanks for the plug! And I’d quite like a pet dove I think! 🙂


    • Dully noted. Next time I see that tamed dove, I’ll asked if it would like to go live with you 🙂
      I’m not much into birds myself, but I loved how daring that pigeon was


      • Expat Eye says:

        It would be better if he could cook and clean 😉


      • Ha ha! I hear you. I’d love to adopt a dog, but since one has to feed and walk it I sort of frequent dog walks with my friend and thus have a chance to enjoy all the benefits of owning one without all the responsibilities 🙂
        And while a pet able to clean and cook would be fun, I’m afraid one day such a pet could turn on us and it would be a whole new Terminator’s spin-off – Petinator 😀


  2. June says:

    How did I just know that the “have a fag/shag or sweets” post would be Linda’s! I’ve never been on a train in LT – must give that a go. Also never had a pigeon sit on me, but might skip that!


    • Who needs pigeons, when you have a full scoop of hen to choose from 😉
      Vilnius-Kaunas express train is indeed very nice – all new and comfy, and all sort of modern. But I kind of doubt that the rest of the passenger trains here are as comfy as this one.


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