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There are many and many places around the city which have this special aura to them, and visiting such a place is always a great pleasure. Some of those places I frequent often, some I visit occasionally or very very rarely, but any of them is in its own right special, and never dull. So let me show a few of them from my today’s long long walk.

If you ever visit Vilnius anytime during summer season or like late April to the end of September to be exact, and you’d be looking for a nice scenic point, check out campanile of St. John’s Church which is part of my beloved Alma Mater – Vilnius University. And if you’re lucky, you might even enjoy an easy ride to the top of the tower in an elevator. If you’re just like me, then the every time you go there you end up climbing all of the many wooden steps up. Ah, don’t you think I’ve got something against elevators. Not at all! I’d gladly take an easy ride, but this new (installed just like like a few years ago) elevator somehow way too often is out of service. So up we go to the very top for  this great panoramic view of the Old Town and the city .

DSC00719 DSC00716 DSC00715 DSC00714 DSC00713 DSC00712 DSC00711 DSC00710 DSC00706 DSC00705 DSC00704 DSC00703 DSC00702 DSC00701 DSC00700 DSC00699 DSC00698 DSC00697 DSC00696 DSC00708 DSC00695 DSC00693 DSC00692 DSC00691 DSC00690 DSC00689 DSC00688 DSC00687 DSC00686 DSC00685 DSC00684 DSC00683 DSC00682 DSC00681 DSC00680 DSC00679 DSC00678

The second place has a very special place in my heart. I’ve spent many and many fine moments in this city park when I was high school and, later, University student. It was all about being in the very heart of the town and yet surrounded by some comforting nature. Back then it was all about mowed lawns but otherwise somewhat unruly and untamed looks. Today, after restoration and grand-reopening late this summer the Franciscan Garden park is once more open to public and is all shiny new bright, but… while looking good, for some reason it does not have the same ‘I love this place’ effect on me.

DSC00730 DSC00729 DSC00728 DSC00727 DSC00726 DSC00724 DSC00723 DSC00722 DSC00721 DSC00720

Luckily, some things never change and the ducks are still there ;)
Luckily, some things never change and the ducks are still there 😉
lucky ducks, signs asking to 'Stay off the lawn' does not apply to them and fences do not scare them too :D
lucky ducks, signs asking to ‘Stay off the lawn’ does not apply to them and fences do not scare them too 😀

DSC00743 DSC00738 DSC00732 DSC00731DSC00725

Since my walk through the Old Town turned into a long walk home taking every detour I’d thought of on the way, I ended up in the Vingis Park. The latter is just this nice (if you like this sort of parks) forest park near the river with quite good tarmac paths, many and many benches to sit down, a cafe, Summer Estrada, a small botanical garden, and… well, ain’t this enough?

DSC00793 DSC00792 DSC00791 DSC00790 DSC00789 DSC00788 DSC00787 DSC00800 DSC00799 DSC00798 DSC00796 DSC00795

Some 10 km+ and counting, but with this landmark for home in plain sight how could one fail ;)
Some 10 km+ and counting, but with this landmark for home in plain sight how could one fail 😉

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While sometimes world may seem grey, in twilight's grey all the colors are hidden. Learning to find those colors is like making a collage from many and many scraps - it may seem hard, pieces might not fit at the first glance, but that scraps come together in the end. If you enjoy what you find, don't be shy.
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  1. I like the small balcony with one chair. I can imagine someone sitting there in the morning or reflecting on the day.


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