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Going Bollywood

Vilnius University Centre of Oriental Studies has organized this small Indian feature films festival to commemorate 20 years of establishment of Indo-Lithuanian diplomatic relationships. Both, because a coordinator of this viewing is a good friend of mine, and because I … Continue reading

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Even if a minimum wage increases, it will still be just a minimum wage Politics, politics, politics. Election to Lithuanian Parliament fast approaches, and political discussions/advertising/making of post-election promises get heated. Sometimes even trash bins become podiums for statements.

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Like A…

…Rocky. Remember that old feature film ‘Rocky’ with Silvester Stallone? There is a scene in that movie, where Rocky victoriously runs up the many stairs and jumps a joy holding his arms up. Well, I’ve been jogging almost daily for … Continue reading

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Doing it right

Just a thought I had watching some TV show. Kids have to rely to their parents, family like for everything, but as one grows there is less and less need for leaning on your family per se in a sense … Continue reading

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Re-post. Don’t get lost

Don’t get lost. On a recent leisure’s stroll through the forest I’ve noticed these trees with arrows painted on them, and they reminded me of an exciting hide and seek game from my childhood. Arrows. Back in time we used … Continue reading

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Re-post. Paskutiniojo teismo diena

1998 m. apsakymas, laimėjęs prizą Balticon/Eurocon ’98, o taip pat išvydęs šviesą veitinės reikšmės žurnaliuke. Paskutiniojo teismo diena Nejaugi jie tokie kvaili, kad tiki ta pasaka apie Paskutiniojo Teismo dieną? Šitiek sykių žadėta, bet netesėta Apokalipse. Kur žiūri tie žmonės? … Continue reading

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Re-post. Nuotrupos

Nupūtus dulkes nuo senų rašliavų (parduotuvėje) -Labas. Tai ko nesisveikini? (nustebus) – Laura?! geras, nepažinau kaip pasikeitus. Kada grįžai ir ar ilgam? -Ai, matai… Savaitę kitą gal ir pabūsiu. Nežinau net. (pažiūri į laikrodį) -Puikiai atrodai! Ir šukuosena tiesiog super. … Continue reading

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